Manchester Pride.

One of the highlights of the year for Manchester Frontrunners is Pride weekend. A weekend where we get to let our hair down (just for a couple of days), to meet up with friends, to dance and to party. Running is what makes our club, but making new friends, and being part of our community is just as important, and we’ve done that by the bucket load this weekend.

The key part of the weekend is the parade, where once again, we had over 35 club members represent the club with fun and Pride in our club. This year, the parade was slightly different, the advent of a protest right behind our group meant we had the opportunity to demonstrate our running in a way we’ve never done before – we filled the space created, and entertained the crowds. So much so, that the club won it’s first ever award for the parade. Not just the regular walking group award, but an award created just for us “Spirit of the parade”. The organisers always welcome our part, but wanted to acknowledge all we did to keep the parade alive and running (literally) this year. To everyone involved, you should be very proud of Saturday.

Thanks goes to Steve Moran and Dan Jarvis for their fantastic organisation, to Lee Marjoram for his starting marshall skills, and to Sal Ford, who once again kept the crowds entertained, and demonstrated what a fantastic and diverse club we were. Plus I think thanks to Tom and Foxy for the miles they put in, as well as Jane Fletcher, who I think managed 10K of running, despite being in a walking parade. Shame she didn’t have her Garmin on.

The rest of the weekend has been just as fun – lots of laughs, lots of music, lots of new friendships. This is why this club is so special. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, and if you’re visiting our website for the 1st time, where as running is very important to all of us, we do like to have fun too.

Take care everyone, we will see you soon, and lets look forward to doing it all again in 2017.

Author: James

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