Running Retreat at Ironbridge

An astounding 24 people took part in our weekend of running around the Severn Valley by Ironbridge! The weather held for us and we had a gay old romp around the countryside taking in the beautiful scenery and observing the lasting legacy left by the industrial revolution!

There was plenty to do with the early arrivals on Friday going out for a 5-10km run and kindly scouting out the terrain for us, with a few others going for a walk, having some lovely interactions with the locals and determining which pubs were worth visiting! After dinner in the hostel, much fun was had, including pool, trivial pursuit and plenty of stimulating conversation before an early-ish night ahead of the big day!

Saturday was the most active day with a post breakfast run of any distance up to 19 miles for the marathon trainers, and down to a simple 10(ish)km run, with some people not running at all and instead choosing to explore World Heritage Site at a more leisurely pace. I got to fulfil my decade old dream of crossing the Iron Bridge and I was happy.

This was followed by a lovely 2 hour yoga sessions after lunch to stretch out our tired muscles, and to help prevent any injuries through overuse, and to relax the mind. Some of us desperately wanted to see Ireland pummel France, and we got our wish!

The weekend was rounded off with a nice little 5km jog to promote recovery before we all said goodbye to Ironbridge and headed back to the city.

Our next Running Retreat weekend will be in September by Hadrian’s Wall, information will be circulated shortly!

Author: Nina

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