MFR Weekend at Hadrian’s Wall

A fantastic bunch of 19 Frontrunners braved the journey north to go have a fabulous weekend of socialising, running, and sightseeing at the brand spanking new YHA at Hadrian’s Wall. The weather was changeable, but we braved the wind and rain and got the opportunity to see some of the fantastic hills of Northumberland, the Roman ruins, and some mutated sheep!


We kickstarted the weekend on Friday evening, with a small group of people going out in a torrential downpour to run 10km, I’m unsure if I’ve ever been wetter! There were some interesting scarecrows and we got to see the Sycamore Gap. The rest of the group stayed dry and waited for dinner like sensible people. We explored the local pub and made friends with some wonderful dogs before heading to bed in preparation for the days activities on Saturday.


Saturday morning was when the most running happened with a variety of distances between 5 miles and 21 miles being run dependent on ability, there were a few comments about the hills, but these just added to the training benefits. Some members of the group decided to go for a walk to check out the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall. After running and lunch we had a fantastic session of yoga, which involved climbing on top of each other and lying upside down, it was all very new to me but the legs and body did feel fantastic.


With great amounts of exercise comes copious amounts of fun, with dinner and further trip to the pub being in order! Some of us decided to look at the stars after the pub given the minimal amount of light pollution, this was met with varying levels of success!


Finally, on Sunday morning, a small number of people ran a short recovery run, before meeting up with the rest of the group for a lovely spot of tea and cake in the adjacent National Trust cafe.


All in all, I think we can determine this weekend was a resounding success, we had lots of fun, lots of running (if that was your wish) and the Frontrunners are more closely knit than we were when starting out!


If you fancy joining us for our next trip, it will be taking place in February, with more details to come shortly

Author: Thomas

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  1. Sounds as though you had a great time, despite the weather, I missed being with you all as I was on my jollies….next time.

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