Race Roundup #15 – 17/02/2019

The weather at the weekend was perfect for a spot of racing, and a number of MFR were out doing just that. It’s great to see so many of you searching out new events and going a little ‘off piste’, in Pete’s words!

Amy was back in her home county of Lincolnshire to run the St Valentine’s 30km. There were apparently one or two hills, but seemingly nothing that a bit of positive thinking (and a bit of swearing) couldn’t overcome. Well done on completing it in 02:34:05!

Pete was also back on home turf to run the Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon, joined by Jane and Jacqui. Jane mentioned that the course was surprisingly nicer than she expected and that the toilets were ‘luxury’ – what more could a runner want? And by the looks of things, everyone seemed happy with their haul of Welsh Cakes. Special mention to Jacqui for setting a new PB in 1:35:39.

James H, Emma and Kate all ran the Stockport Trail Half. Kate commented that it was ‘not too hot, not cold, and sunny’ – perfect!

Lastly, Joe and Paul were over in Balckpool for the Great North West Half Marathon. I hope it wasn’t too windy on the coast…

Remember, let me know if you’ve up to something off the radar so I can include you!

Results below :

St Valentine’s 30k (17/02/2019)


Wrexham Village Bakery Half (17/02/2019)


Stockport Trail Half (17/02/2019)


Great North West Half (17/02/2019)


Author: Martin Dunn

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