Race Roundup #21 – 07/04/2019

I don’t think anyone could have failed to miss the fact that it was the Manchester Marathon on Sunday. We had 21 members on the start line, 12 volunteers and loads of support along the route!

The training and dedication just to get to the start line of a marathon is a huge achievement in itself (or so I’m told, having never been crazy enough to do one myself) any many of our runners were taking on the distance for the first time (and first time as part of MFR). Others went out and set spectacular PBs (Steve, Nick and Pete G). Sadly, some people’s races didn’t quite go to plan, showing that the marathon distance can be brutal and unpredictable.

Our troop of volunteers were out up early to guard closed roads – you all did a fantastic job, even when faced with some difficult and bizarre situations! Thank you to Foxy Joe J, Carl, Pete B, James seddon, Ed W, Matt, Tony, Daniel T, Ed R, Rachel and Jacqui.

Lastly, our supporters were out in force all along the route, with some people turning up in multiple spots (Jono in particular caused a few runners to think they were in some sort of running time warp). Jane and Amy were perhaps the most prepared with jelly babies, gels, music and banners! It was a great day for it and really enjoyable cheering you on.

Results below:

Manchester Marathon (07/04/2019)


Author: Martin Dunn

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