Race Round-Up #28 – 30 June 2019

Well…what a weekend! I think it is only fitting that this week’s race report is dedicated to the amazing achievements that took place over 24 hours at Leeds Endure. The weekend started Friday morning when a group of us headed up to Bramham Park to secure our pre-planned camping spot. After marking out our territory for the weekend (seriously don’t mess with the MFR ladies!!), we began the marathon task of putting up tents, and making the camp site feel a little more like home (the pink flamingo lights really were the finishing touch). After sorting our teams out at registration (and apologising profusely for all the changes we made on the day), it was time to put our feet up and take bets as to whether Darren would fit into his 2 person *cough Wendy House cough* tent! Upon the arrival of Martin and Co we headed out to walk the course in preparation whilst trying to remind ourselves why we all felt this was a good idea- ha!

Roll forwards to 11.45am Saturday morning everyone was in high spirits as we went down to the start line to wave off our first runners. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with energy and a little nervousness in anticipation of the challenge ahead. With summer finally deciding to make an appearance, we knew it was going to be hot, with little shelter from the sun on course BUT in true MFR tradition, we came together as a club and supported each other through the 24 hours that followed. There really are too many amazing memories to write down, but the thing that really stood out for me last weekend was the comradeship of each of the MFR teams. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces (even at 3am in the hand-over pen), the laughter, and everyone enjoying the event. A quick shout out to James Moles at this point for driving up on Sunday (armed with tea supplies and pastries) to support the teams in the closing hours!

MRF fielded an incredible 4 teams. Starting with the Mixed 8s (John Lowe, Sarah Rickard, Jacqui Baines, Chris Ben, James Fox, Carl Lane, Billy Cooper, Julie Virgin), the team put out a fabulous performance completing 33 laps (165 miles). Sarah got the honour of running the final lap and was joined by her team mates in the last 100m (keeping them to pace) finishing in 24h12min. The team placed 18th out of 100…but most importantly, both Sarah and John survived their first camping experiences.

Next, we had the Mixed 5s (Pete Greatbanks, Darren de Vally, Claire Naylor, Penny from Glasgow Frontrunners and Angelique from Chorlton). Calling themselves Eurovision Grand finalists, the team completed 34 laps (170 miles) in 24h15min taking 6th place out of 78. Another truly incredible performance…and big thank you to Penny and Angelique for joining us for the event. Well done team!

Moving onto the Men’s 5 (Martin Dunn, Jordan Millar, Steve Hatton, Joe Jarvis, Blair Edin), the guys completed 35 laps (175 miles) in 23h49min taking 7th place out a very competitive field of 29 teams. One special mention here, going to Joe whom did amazingly well running the furthest distance he ever had. There were times when he said he would walk a lap…but in the end ran it – an incredible achievement.

Finally,….and here is where I may get just a little emotional…the ladies 5 (Rachel Kenyon, OLa Pie, Ellie Evans, Jane Fletcher and I). We completed 35 laps (175 miles) in 24h03 coming 2nd place our of a field of 28 teams. A very special moment and feeling as we crossed that line hand in hand. Thank you for being awesome team mates and a special mention to Jane for driving the van with the camping gear and for picking us a good camping spot in advance.

Big congratulations to everyone that participated. Could not be any more proud of you all. Hope you are all recovering well. So…that’s it….until next year…who’s up for the challenge?


Author: Martin Dunn

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