Club Championships

2019 Club Championships

The vast majority of running clubs have a type of championships where they reward the fastest runners in each race. This isn’t what MFR is about, so our system will reward attendance and personal bests (PBs) as well as those who volunteer and support.

The races chosen for 2019 are all of the old favourites, and include all Manchester Area Cross Country League races (MACCL).

The main points of the competition are:

  • 5 points are awarded for each club championship race completed.
  • 3 points will be awarded for PBs broken at each of the PB-able events. This is only awarded for breaking a PB, not setting one. If people achieve a PB purely because they haven’t run the distance before they will receive 1 point.
  • The Manchester Marathon is included and will receive 10 points, +/- PB points. One additional marathon can also be completed and will receive 10 points, +/- PB points.
  • 5 points will be awarded for volunteering at any club championship race. Current opportunities: MACCL Match 5, It’s a Piece of Cake 10km and Manchester Half.
  • 2 points will be awarded for supporting at any club championship race (please message Martin Dunn on Facebook or via to log your support points).
  • Club champions will be the male and female with the most accumulated points after the last race (Stockport 10 mile). In the event of a tie whoever has taken part in the most club races will win. Prizes awarded at the Xmas do!
  • V45+ category for both sexes. Winners of each category to get same prizes as 2nd/3rd place in main competition. To qualify they must be 45+ on 1/1/19. If a V45+ wins the main competition the V45+ in 2nd place will win that category
  • Standings published and updated monthly

The list of qualifying club championship races is on our Races page

Points as at 08/07/2019:

First Name Last Name Points
Aleksandra Piekarska 69
Amy Carr 60
Jacqui Baines 45
Jane Fletcher 40
Rachel Kenyon 38
Paula Medley 18
Emma Shale 15
Mel Johnson 15
Carys Brown 14
Kate Brennan 14
Linda Rix 12
Claire Naylor 11
Sarah Rickard 10
Tess Ptonka 10
Melissa Whitworth 8
Catherine Staniforth 6
Zoe Natasha Simmonds 6
Claire White 5
Heather Clarkson 5
Jacqueline Swain 5
Kirstie Power 3
First Name Last Name Points
James Scully 56
Steve Hatton 53
Edmund Woodfield 52
Nick Markley 49
Paul Crowe 47
Jordan Millar 46
Martin Dunn 42
Thomas Blackburn 40
Darren de Vally 38
Billy Cooper 36
Stephen Weigh 36
James Fox 35
Joe Carne 35
Jono Guildford 35
Chris Benn 34
Angelo Tomasso 32
Daniel Edwards 30
David Chambers 30
Joe Jarvis 30
Andrew Porter 28
Andrew Fergusson 27
James Moles 27
Kunaal Kharbanda 26
Peter Brodey 26
Peter Greatbanks 26
Christopher Barcroft 25
Nico Gibert 25
Robert Dixon 23
Blair Paterson 22
James Seddon 20
Roberto Raso 17
Ed Roberts 16
Daniel Knowles 15
Joe Yang 15
John Clark 15
Gregory Beck 14
Matthew Perry 14
Michal Kennedy-Anielak 14
Carl Lane 13
Kevin Rowe 12
John Tatlow 11
Anthony Gotts 10
Ashley Barrett 10
Dan Whittaker 10
Daniel Taylor 10
Kesh Chamba 10
Mehmet Agdiran 10
Stephen Moran 10
Lee Marjoram 8
Peter Symonds 8
Rob Dixon 6
Ben Thomas 5
Daniel Jarvis 5
Nick Eaton 5
Paul O’Neill 5
Tony Dray 5
Tom Bardwell 3
Owen Wilkinson 2
Pete Brewis 2
Steve Alcock 2