Leaders info for Thurs/Sat sessions

Information for leaders as to what leading a Thurs/Sat session entails.

Ideally leaders should be CiRF/LiRF qualified
[ ] Can be near the end of training if not fully qualified – awaiting qualification confirmation.

Check buddy rota and Spond for the day, before the session starts
[ ] Where there is a buddy scheduled the leader should ensure any new runners or members less familair with the route(s) are connected with the buddy for support at the start of the session.
[ ] Where there is no buddy scheduled the leader will need to make necessary arrangements at the time and/or take on the role of buddy as well for that run.

Responsible for welcoming runners
[ ] Keep an eye on Spond list of attendees directly prior to session to use as a guide to see if everyone turns up

Ensure people know where they’re going and that people return safely
[ ] Having familiarised yourself with the route prior to the session, ask the group if everyone knows the route. If there is anyone who doesn’t then arrange for them to be buddied or buddy them yourself (if they don’t know the route then they’re likely to be a new person).
[ ] Ask to see if anyone is not going to return back to the start point so you know that they won’t be returning and  then you don’t need to expect them back at the end.

Remind runners to be wary of running on injuries and remind them to take it at a pace they know they can run

Do any announcements that are relevant that week
[ ] Check Facebook and Spond prior to the session to see what might need announcing – remind attendees to check Spond if they need to know announcements
[ ] Announcements will usually be for things like upcoming events and/or reminders to do with payments

Lead the warm up and do name shout outs round the circle
[ ] For example – do a mixture of some jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, high knees, back kicks, lunges, squats, arm rotations and sprint/quick feet on the spot.
[ ] Start the names with yourself and go round whichever way you want (can include your pro-noun if you want but it’s not obligatory)

End of the run:

Check that all expected runners have returned at the end of the route

Once all that are expected have returned, send them on their way. Thank them for coming.