Many Manchester Frontrunners enter races throughout the year, both in and around Manchester. Below are the latest results (updated weekly).

If any race you have completed does not appear here then please email details of your result (the web link is useful) to and if eligible it will be added to the results page, and Personal Bests (PBs) updated as appropriate.

PBs are times that athletes have run whilst members of this club. The figure in brackets after a PB indicates how much time has been shaved off a previous time.

Race Roundup #22 – 21/04/2019

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve got a double race roundup for you today.

Rewinding back to Saturday 13th, Rob and Linda were in the Lakes running the Hawkshead Trail 16k. The scenery and the views are amazing, which is a welcome distraction from some of the brutal climbs – the Coffin Trail being one of them, a challenging 1 mile ascent up some steep and rocky terrain. Well done!

Further afield, James Scully was in Paris to run the Paris marathon. Another great event that take in some of the iconic landmarks of Paris.

Continuing the international theme Foxy and Chris ran a race in Cologne over the Easter weekend. My German is terrible and I therefore can’t find any results, but well done regardless, it looked warm!

Lastly a group of MFR were in Salford on Friday for the Salford 10k. A firm MFR favourite that many of us missed out on entering not realising just quite how popular it was! The weather was unseasonably warm, but you all performed amazingly. Well done to Nick M, Ed W, Joe C, Dan E, Amy, Andrew P, James Scully, Angelo, James Seddon and Mel. Club champs points are on their way to you all.

We had a couple of notable Parkruns over the Easter weekend too. Darren went on to set another 5k PB in 20:18, Ed was on the podium at Fairview in Ireland, Jacqui Swain made a comeback at Stretford and Dave jetted back from South America just in time to make Highbury Fields in London

Hawkshead 16k Challenge and Race (13/04/2019)

Paris Marathon (14/04/2019)

Salford 10k (19/04/2019)

Race Roundup #21 – 07/04/2019

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I don’t think anyone could have failed to miss the fact that it was the Manchester Marathon on Sunday. We had 21 members on the start line, 12 volunteers and loads of support along the route!

The training and dedication just to get to the start line of a marathon is a huge achievement in itself (or so I’m told, having never been crazy enough to do one myself) any many of our runners were taking on the distance for the first time (and first time as part of MFR). Others went out and set spectacular PBs (Steve, Nick and Pete G). Sadly, some people’s races didn’t quite go to plan, showing that the marathon distance can be brutal and unpredictable.

Our troop of volunteers were out up early to guard closed roads – you all did a fantastic job, even when faced with some difficult and bizarre situations! Thank you to Foxy Joe J, Carl, Pete B, James seddon, Ed W, Matt, Tony, Daniel T, Ed R, Rachel and Jacqui.

Lastly, our supporters were out in force all along the route, with some people turning up in multiple spots (Jono in particular caused a few runners to think they were in some sort of running time warp). Jane and Amy were perhaps the most prepared with jelly babies, gels, music and banners! It was a great day for it and really enjoyable cheering you on.

Results below:

Manchester Marathon (07/04/2019)

Race Roundup #20 – 31/03/2019

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I’m a little late with last week’s race update – cake race planning has taken over! The main event was of course the Wilmslow Half, with 18 of you running. Massive congratulations to Jordan breaking his PB by 2 minutes, and to Chris Benn, James Scully, Peter Brodey and Catherine for setting new PBs with MFR!

On the same day down on the south coast Jacqui battled a hot and hilly half in Hastings, finishing in an impressive 1:38!

This weekend just gone Nina and Zoe (along with their dogs Toto and Ollie) took part in the Tiger Beetle 10k. Hopefully it tired the dogs out enough to stop them eating their soft furnishings!

Peter B was also running again, this week the Denbigshire 10k – well done!

Results below:

Wilmslow Half (24/03/2019)

Hasting half (24/03/2019)

Tiger Beetle 10k (31/03/2019)

Denbigshire 10k (31/03/2019)

Race Roundup #19 – 17/03/2019

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You may have heard that one or two MFRs are doing the Manchester marathon this year, and in time honoured tradition a whole bunch of you travelled up to Lancaster to do the Trimple 20 mile race as a final test before the big run itself. Following a collision on the motorway (not involving any MFR), it was touch and go as to whether everyone would make it, but everyone did, including, James M, Thomas, Blair, Andrew F, Joe, Jacqui, Billy, Alex, Paul, Andrew P, James Scully and Jane.

Blair, Andrew F, Billy and Alex took on the distance for the first time, doing amazingly well! And Paul, James S, Andrew P and Jacqui all broke PBs with the club. A fantastic morning all in all!

In other news James F and Chris Benn were down in Chris’ home town of Stafford running the Stafford Half.

Rachel was also back at home running the Wigan half, pacing her cousin on her first half. Of course, as is custom in that neck of the woods, all finishers were rewarded for their efforts with a pie!

As always, well done to everyone!

Stafford Half (17/03/2019)…/stafford-half-marathon-2019/…

Wigan Half (17/03/2019)

Trimple 20m (17/03/2019)

Race Roundup #18 – 10/03/2019

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What a difference a week makes, sunny Benidorm couldn’t have seemed further away from wet and windy Manchester, but that didn’t stop us going and doing race or two!

We had members taking part in 3 races this weekend: the Trafford 10k, the Liverpool Half and the Irwel Valley 20mile.

Trafford is always popular and the wind, rain and hail didn’t put us off. Myself, Rob, Dave, Jordan, Amy, Jacqui, Paula, Alex, Linda and James S all ran – no ponies on the course this year, just hailstones and cold hands. Massive well done to all, especially to Jordan and Alex setting PBs (41:52 and 46:42 respectively). GB athlete Laura Weightman also set a course record and PB running in a super fast 31:59. 

The Trafford lot may have thought it was bad in Partington, but seeming  it was nothing compared to the conditions John C braved doing the Liverpool Half along the waterfront. At times he felt like he was standing still running into the wind. Massive well done for persevering, I’m sure that test of resilience will serve you well in other races!

Lastly, Joe, Paul and James Scully ran the Irwell Valley 20mile as part of their marathon training. Following on the same theme, the weather didn’t make it easy. But they showed massive strength and endurance, finishing in 2:54:57, 3:15:40 and 3:27:28 respectively. Well done to Paul for knocking 12 mins off his 20mile PB!

If you were racing and I’ve missed you, please let me know.

Results below:
Trafford 10k (10/03/2019)

Liverpool Half (10/03/2019)

Irwell Valley 20 mile (10/03/2019)

Race Roundup #17 – 04/03/2019

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As you may have been aware, last weekend’s racing was all about the Benidorm Half and 10k and a swarm (collective noun for a group of runners, anyone?) of us jetted down to the Costa Blanca for the annual club holiday. One or two in the group may have had some initial reservations about the resort, but the race itself was perfect. Both the Half and the 10k were on the same course and started at the same time, which doesn’t often happen. The route (2 laps for the half) went out along the sea front and back through the old and new town, giving picture postcard views as the sun began to set. Support along the way was very enthusiastic (“VENGA”!) – the Spanish certainly know how to cheer – and of course, the odd stag do attempted to join in, pints in hand. We were rewarded for our efforts at the end with a t-shirt, medal, goodie bag (fish soup anyone?) and coca cola. All in all, I think everyone had a great race and I’d highly recommend it to anyone! Among some great performances, Amy stood out, setting a new Half PB in 1:40:48, coming 8th in her category. Thanks also to Chris M and Steve A for their cheering and supporting!

On Sunday, whilst the Benidorm lot were sleeping off the celebratory sangria, Blair took part in the Settle Half in 1:35:32, taking over 3 minutes off his PB. An amazing effort and looking good for his upcoming marathon!

Results below:

Benidorm Half (02/03/2019)

Benidorm 10k (02/03/2019)

Settle Half (03/03/2019)

Race Roundup #16 – 24/02/2019

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It was a weekend of 10 mile races this weekend, with members taking part in two races!

Robert D and Peter B ran the Rhyl 10 mile on Saturday. Robert started with a cold and an injury and went on to get a PB in a time of 1:27:01, well done! Peter ran a super speedy 1:09:29, setting himself a PB with MFR.

Then on Sunday, myself, Chris, Ed, Rachel, Dan E and Foxy went up to Radcliffe to run the Terry Nortley 10 mile. I ran it last year but seemingly forgot about all of the hills. It was a touch race, but a great route along trails and bridleways. And as an added bonus the sun was shining down on us. The post race oranges, bananas, crisps, midget gems and cakes went  down well! Special mention to Rachel for winning the senior F35 category!

Results below, and look out for the updated Club Championships points table being updated next week.  

Rhyl 10 mile (23/02/2019)

Terry Nortley 10 mile (24/02/2019)

Race Roundup #15 – 17/02/2019

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The weather at the weekend was perfect for a spot of racing, and a number of MFR were out doing just that. It’s great to see so many of you searching out new events and going a little ‘off piste’, in Pete’s words!

Amy was back in her home county of Lincolnshire to run the St Valentine’s 30km. There were apparently one or two hills, but seemingly nothing that a bit of positive thinking (and a bit of swearing) couldn’t overcome. Well done on completing it in 02:34:05!

Pete was also back on home turf to run the Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon, joined by Jane and Jacqui. Jane mentioned that the course was surprisingly nicer than she expected and that the toilets were ‘luxury’ – what more could a runner want? And by the looks of things, everyone seemed happy with their haul of Welsh Cakes. Special mention to Jacqui for setting a new PB in 1:35:39.

James H, Emma and Kate all ran the Stockport Trail Half. Kate commented that it was ‘not too hot, not cold, and sunny’ – perfect!

Lastly, Joe and Paul were over in Balckpool for the Great North West Half Marathon. I hope it wasn’t too windy on the coast…

Remember, let me know if you’ve up to something off the radar so I can include you!

Results below :

St Valentine’s 30k (17/02/2019)

Wrexham Village Bakery Half (17/02/2019)

Stockport Trail Half (17/02/2019)

Great North West Half (17/02/2019)

Race Roundup #14 – 10/02/2019

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This past weekend’s racing was dominated by cross country, with the fifth and final match in the Manchester Area Cross Country League taking place on Saturday at University Playing Fields/Kenworthy Woods. This event, more than any other in the season, was well and truly a whole team event, which saw many of you run, marshal and support.

The stars of the show were undoubtedly our fantastic volunteers – James M, Jono, Rachel, John L, James S, Kate, Darren and Tess! Between them they helped set up the course (starting at 8am!) and manned a number of marshal points right through from 11am to the end of the day. This event did not have an official club host and couldn’t have gone ahead without the support of the volunteers. Thank you, volunteer points will be coming your way!

For the race itself, the ladies – all 11 of them – had a great turn out. Jacqui, Amy, Jane, Rachel, Alex, Linda, Paula, Kate, Ruth, Emma and Claire took part, meaning we had two teams coming 12th and 33rd out of 50.

10 took part in the men’s race, including Martin, Steve H, Jono, Rob, Chris, Paul, James F, Andrew, Joe J, Dan with the team coming 33rd out of 50. It was also Chris Benn’s first very XC race – well done Chris, hope you’ll be back for more next season! Lastly, thank you to Ed and Greig (and Liam the dog) for coming along to cheer us on and take pictures. If you aren’t running for whatever reason, you’re more than welcome to come along and watch at races, those running always appreciate support from the side lines!

In other racing news, Pete was down in London racing the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park half Marathon, completing the course in 01:33:44. It looked a little soggy, but he still had a smile on his face!

Back on Sunday 3rd January Joe and Paul took on the Aintree Half, galloping across the finish line in 1:40:33 and 1:45:17 respectively! Results below:

MACCL Match 5 – University Playing Fields/Kenworthy Woods (09/02/2019) QEOP

Half Marathon (10/02/2019)


Run Aintree Half (03/02/2019)

Race Round Up #13 – 20/01/2019

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Last Sunday 10 MFR took part in the Helsby Four Villages half marathon. By all accounts everyone had a lovely morning, even if it was a little more ‘undulating’ than some were counting on. At least the last mile was downhill, right? James, Jono, Steve H, Nick, Steve W, Alex, Amy, Billy, Darren and Emma took part, and a special shout out goes to Alex this week for taking 6 mins off her PB, running in 1:4251. Well done to everyone 🙂 Results below:
Helsby Four Villages Half (20/01/2019)

Race Round Up #12 – 13/01/2019

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We kicked off the January racing calendar on Saturday with the fourth Cross Country match at Heaton Park. It was a bit chilly and slightly windy but we all soon warmed up!

Both the men and ladies fielded two teams, the men’s teams came 24th and 57th out of 64 and the ladies came 20th and 41st out of 63.

Well done to Jacqui, Rachel, Jane, Amy, Alex, Paula, Kate, Mel, Melisa, James, Martin, Greg, Jono, Steve H, Thomas, Dave, Jordan, Ed, Steve W, Paul, Nico and Andrew for taking part. Rob also started in the men’s race but sadly had to drop out due to injury, we’re wishing you a speedy recovery!

A big thank you to Steve M, Darren and Joe who came along to support and also to Jordan for his Instagram skills in capturing the start of the ladies’ race in slow motion – if you haven’t already, check out the new MFR Instagram at ‘manchesterfrontrunners’.

On Sunday Daniel E and Julie took on a faster and slightly flatter course at the Tatton Park 10k. In Daniel’s own words is was ‘damp, cold and mildly undulating’ – well done!

Links to the weekend’s results below:

MACCL Match 4 – Heaton Park (12/01/2018)

Tatton Park 10k – January (13/01/2018)…

Race Round Up #11 – 30/12/2018

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Congratulations on making it to the end of the first working week back after the Christmas break! Whilst it may have been a shock to the system for a lot of us, some of our fellow runners didn’t ease up or let the festivities get in the way of their racing.

On Boxing Day Lucy took part in the Chevin Chase in Yorkshire – a favourite of Lucy’s (and the Brownlee brothers), the course is hilly and mixed terrain. A little further south, Dave took on one of the oldest races in the country, the Chester Round the Walls. At 4.7 miles it’s not a conventional distance, and most probably a club record.

A few days later Rob, Linda, Nico and Claire headed up to Clitheroe to run the ever popular Ribble Valley 10k. Well done to all, in particular to Linda for taking 2nd place in her category! Rob commented that it was a well organised race with good conditions and course records set in both male and female categories. If you haven’t done it before, give it some thought for 2019.

Lastly many of you also took part in parkruns up and down the country. Darren continues to go from strength to strength setting parkrun PBs what seems like every week!

If I’ve missed a race you’ve done over Christmas, please let me know so you get the credit you deserve!

Chevin Chase (26/12/2018)

Chester Round the Walls (26/12/2018)…/Essar-Chester-Round-The-Wal…

Ribble Valley 19k (30/12/2018)…

Race Round Up #10 – 16/12/2018

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As we get closer to Christmas, the number of races taken part in seems to drop. However, last Saturday morning whilst some of us were resting ahead of the Christmas party, Rob and Linda headed up to the Forest of Bowland to take part in the Forest of Bowland Trail Half Marathon.
Linda crossed the line in 2:38:45 (21st overall and 4th woman) and Rob finished in 2:14:20 (6th overall and 5th man). By all accounts the race was tough due to the inclement weather, so much so that those competing in the full marathon had their race cut short when it was called off and mountain rescue sent in to pick up those still out on the course! Well done to Rob and Linda, a good show of MFR grit and determination.
Forest of Bowland Trail Half Marathon (15/12/2018)

Race Round Up #9 – 09/12/2018

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We kicked off this weekend’s racing with more cross country, this time at the Greater Manchester Cross Country Championships at Boggart Hole Clough. I spoke too soon when I said last week that it looked like we’d escape any significant amount of mud this side of Christmas; it was very wet and very muddy. The course at Boggart is liked by many as it has it all; hills, mud and ditches, and it didn’t disappoint on Saturday. Well done to all who braved the weather, and thanks to Linda for the cakes!

Today the main event was the Stockport 10 mile – a firm favourite in the MFR race calendar and 13 of you journeyed down to Stockport early this morning. 6 of you ran the race (and the distance) for the first time, well done to Amy, Kunaal, Steve W, Laura, Darren and Alex. A big congratulations also to Billy who took nearly 7 minutes off his PB form last year!

In other news, Nick Markley jetted off to Malaga and ran the Malaga Marathon in an impressive 03:46!

Finally Tess, Claire and Rachel had some fun at the Winter Bible in the Park in Oldham dressed as Miss Piggy, the Little Mermaid and Kermit!

Results below:
Greater Manchester Cross Country Championships (01/12/2018)

2018 Cross Country Championship Results for December

Stockport 10 (09/12/2018)

Malaga Marathon (09/12/2108)

Winter Bimble (09/12/2018)


Race Round Up #8 – 02/12/2018

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Last weekend we traveled down to Woodbank Park in Stockport for the third race in the Manchester Area Cross Country League, along with the new club gazebo. 22 of us donned our spikes, including Kunaal who ran his first cross country (and loved it)! The ladies’ teams came 17th and 38th out of 59, and the men’s 23rd and 49th out of 57. There was a great atmosphere and the support along the course really did help, especially the ladies cheering on the men at the top of the hill, perfectly captured in the video montage put together by Jane !


Further afield, Angelo ran the San Francisco Fort to Fort 10k, taking in the stunning views of the San Francisco bay area and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Lastly, one of our newer members Peter Brodey ran the Bedford Harriers Half in 1:37:21, beating his time from the Conway Half a few weeks ago by over 2 minutes:
Well done everyone, and stay tuned to hear about this weekend’s races!
Results below:
MACCL Match 3 – Woodbank Park (01/12/2018)
San Francisco Fort to Fort 10k (02/12/2018):
Bedford Half (02/12/2018):

Race Round Up 6 & 7 – 18/11/18 & 25/11/18

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This race update starts with an apology; last week was a busy one and I forgot to give you a race update, but fear not, this week’s edition will be a double bill!

On the 18th November we had members racing in the Conwy Half Marathon and the 13 Arches Trail Half. In Conwy, Pete, Julie and Peter B enjoyed the Welsh sunshine and put in great performances. Up in north Manchester a small contingent consisting of Paula, Amy, Jacqui and James raced the 13 Arches Trail Half organised by Radcliffe AC and each had great success in their categories. James took the 1st V40 prize, Jacqui first V35, Amy 1st Senior and Paula a top 5 place in her category. A big well done to all, judging by the photos they were all very happy!
Last weekend we had two races; the Salford Women’s 5.25 mile and the Wilmslow Festive 10k. Jacqui battled with some familiar faces in Salford from last week’s 13 Arches, taking 12th place at the annual race organised by Swinton Running Club, despite having been at a dinner party the night before! In Wilmslow, James, Amy and Daniel got club PBs, and were joined on the course by Steve, Nick, Tom , Pete and Joe. Massive congratulations to all.
Finally, one of our members hit a significant running milestone on Saturday. Dave Chambers ran his 100th parkrun at Stretford, an achievement 7 years in the making! Jordan sourced balloons to celebrate the event which were presented to Dave by Run Director Foxy as he crossed the line. You’ve given us all something to aspire to, Dave!
Links to results below:
Conwy Half (18/11/2018)
13 Arches (18/11/2018)
Salford Women’s 5.25m (25/11/2018)
Wilmslow Festive 10k (25/11/2018)

Race Round Up #5 – 11/11/2018

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We had a fantastic turn out for Cross Country at Kenworthy Woods at the weekend with 21 of us on the start line. The ladies fielded two teams coming 25th and 62nd out of 75 and the men’s team came 30th out of 68, in what was a very competitive race. Unfortunately there were a couple of injuries in the men’s camp on the day, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! A big well done to Claire and Joe who ran their first ever XC races, I’m sure they’ll both be back for more. And lastly, special thanks to Steve and Edmund who came down to support, and to our honorary canine member, Jane’s dog, Queenie.

Whilst we’re on the subject of cross country, time is running out to enter the Greater Manchester Championships, held at Bogart Hole Clough on 08/12 and the Northern Championships, held at Pontefract Park on 23/01. And remember, this is the only chance you’ll get to run the course at Boggart this year as it is not part of the standard XC fixtures. If you’d like to enter either or both championship races, please get in touch with Jono by 23/11.
Lastly, keep an eye out for the event to the next MACCL XC match being held at Woodbank Park in Stockport on 01/12.
MACCL Match 2 – Kenworthy Woods (10/11/2018)

Race Round Up #4 – 04/11/2018

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Continuing with the international theme from last week, our very own Jordan Millar ran (and most likely won) the New York marathon on Sunday in an impressive 3:55:10, despite getting distracted by a therapy dog at the start area.

In other news, Angelo ran the Tatton Park 10k on Saturday and had a great race! On Sunday morning James, Billy, Joe and Paul were at Tatton for the Half Marathon. I didn’t manage to get a picture of Paul and he seems to have successfully evaded all of the official photographers – sorry Paul!

Lastly, whilst not technically a race, our couch to 5k grads ran their first 5k at Stretford parkrun on Saturday. MFR took over the event, filling most of the volunteer roles, running alongside the group and cheering from the sidelines. Thank you to all involved, and well done to everyone running and racing.

New York Marathon (04/111/2018)

Tatton 10k (03/11/2018)

Tatton Half (04/11/2018)

Racing Round Up #3 -28/10/2018

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This past weekend ‘aqua alta’ meant runners in the Venice marathon ended up with very soggy feet, and whilst MFR racers didn’t have to contend with any floods, the weather certainly gave Amy and Emma an extra challenge as they took on the Lausanne Half Marathon and 10k in Switzerland. It was -2 degrees and there was ice and snow on the ground, but both finished in very respectable times, bravo! Closer to home Rachel, Kate, Heather, Mel and Michael ran the Goyt Valley 10k – from what I can see in the pictures, it looked like an amazing race, take a look below. Lastly, and by no means least, Jacqui Baines woke up intending to run the Beachy Head 10k, but with only 3 hours until the start of the race she changed her mind and decided to run the marathon instead, well why not? Well done to all! Results below:

Lausanne Half and 10k (28/10/2018)

Goyt Valley 10k (27/10/2018)…/goytv…/gv10k2018.pdf

Beachy Head Marathon (27/10/2018)…/Beachy%20Head%20Marat…/3837

Goyt Valley Photos:…/134…/albums/72157675007823328/page1

Racing Round Up #2 -21/10/2018

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This past weekend was a little quieter on the racing front, but whilst many of you were taking a well deserved rest, Greg Beck snuck off to the Lakes to take part in the Langdale Marathon. It was his first marathon and it was hilly (c.1000m/3000ft of elevation), but despite this, all of his hard work and preparation paid off seeing him take 5th place in 03:18:05! Well done Greg!

Results below: