Many Manchester Frontrunners enter races throughout the year, both in and around Manchester. Below are the latest results (updated weekly).

If any race you have completed does not appear here then please email details of your result (the web link is useful) to and if eligible it will be added to the results page, and Personal Bests (PBs) updated as appropriate.

PBs are times that athletes have run whilst members of this club. The figure in brackets after a PB indicates how much time has been shaved off a previous time.

Race Round Up #5 – 11/11/2018

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We had a fantastic turn out for Cross Country at Kenworthy Woods at the weekend with 21 of us on the start line. The ladies fielded two teams coming 25th and 62nd out of 75 and the men’s team came 30th out of 68, in what was a very competitive race. Unfortunately there were a couple of injuries in the men’s camp on the day, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! A big well done to Claire and Joe who ran their first ever XC races, I’m sure they’ll both be back for more. And lastly, special thanks to Steve and Edmund who came down to support, and to our honorary canine member, Jane’s dog, Queenie.

Whilst we’re on the subject of cross country, time is running out to enter the Greater Manchester Championships, held at Bogart Hole Clough on 08/12 and the Northern Championships, held at Pontefract Park on 23/01. And remember, this is the only chance you’ll get to run the course at Boggart this year as it is not part of the standard XC fixtures. If you’d like to enter either or both championship races, please get in touch with Jono by 23/11.
Lastly, keep an eye out for the event to the next MACCL XC match being held at Woodbank Park in Stockport on 01/12.
MACCL Match 2 – Kenworthy Woods (10/11/2018)

Race Round Up #4 – 04/11/2018

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Continuing with the international theme from last week, our very own Jordan Millar ran (and most likely won) the New York marathon on Sunday in an impressive 3:55:10, despite getting distracted by a therapy dog at the start area.

In other news, Angelo ran the Tatton Park 10k on Saturday and had a great race! On Sunday morning James, Billy, Joe and Paul were at Tatton for the Half Marathon. I didn’t manage to get a picture of Paul and he seems to have successfully evaded all of the official photographers – sorry Paul!

Lastly, whilst not technically a race, our couch to 5k grads ran their first 5k at Stretford parkrun on Saturday. MFR took over the event, filling most of the volunteer roles, running alongside the group and cheering from the sidelines. Thank you to all involved, and well done to everyone running and racing.

New York Marathon (04/111/2018)

Tatton 10k (03/11/2018)

Tatton Half (04/11/2018)

Racing Round Up #3 -28/10/2018

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This past weekend ‘aqua alta’ meant runners in the Venice marathon ended up with very soggy feet, and whilst MFR racers didn’t have to contend with any floods, the weather certainly gave Amy and Emma an extra challenge as they took on the Lausanne Half Marathon and 10k in Switzerland. It was -2 degrees and there was ice and snow on the ground, but both finished in very respectable times, bravo! Closer to home Rachel, Kate, Heather, Mel and Michael ran the Goyt Valley 10k – from what I can see in the pictures, it looked like an amazing race, take a look below. Lastly, and by no means least, Jacqui Baines woke up intending to run the Beachy Head 10k, but with only 3 hours until the start of the race she changed her mind and decided to run the marathon instead, well why not? Well done to all! Results below:

Lausanne Half and 10k (28/10/2018)

Goyt Valley 10k (27/10/2018)…/goytv…/gv10k2018.pdf

Beachy Head Marathon (27/10/2018)…/Beachy%20Head%20Marat…/3837

Goyt Valley Photos:…/134…/albums/72157675007823328/page1

Racing Round Up #2 -21/10/2018

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This past weekend was a little quieter on the racing front, but whilst many of you were taking a well deserved rest, Greg Beck snuck off to the Lakes to take part in the Langdale Marathon. It was his first marathon and it was hilly (c.1000m/3000ft of elevation), but despite this, all of his hard work and preparation paid off seeing him take 5th place in 03:18:05! Well done Greg!

Results below:

Racing Round Up #1 – 14/10/2018

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What a weekend of racing we’ve had! Starting with the first Cross Country race of the season on Saturday, followed by the Manchester Half on Sunday. In addition Julie Virgin smashed her marathon PB at York, running an impressive 03:50:47, taking 03:41 off her previous time! Meanwhile Andrew Ferguson was representing at the Munich Half after missing out on last year’s trip to the Bavarian capital due to injury.

Cross country at Wythenshawe Park was well attended, despite many saving themselves for the Manchester Half. Our ladies team came 27/64 and the men 32/55. It was great to see Emma Burns and Edmund Woodfield taking part in their first cross country for MFR. Man of the match undoubtedly goes to Andrew Porter; after losing his shoe on the last lap he carried on valiantly, finish with shoe in hand!

The Manchester Half was a target race for many and it was great to see so many MFR members volunteering on the course, taking part and coming out for a celebratory drink in the afternoon. The stars of the show were Foxy’s cohort of volunteers who were up at an ungodly hour on Sunday morning to marshal and in turn raise funds for the club. 22 of you took part in the race, 7 PBs were set and 4 of you ran the distance for the first time as a Manchester Frontrunner!

Links to the individual race results below:

Manchester Half (14/10/18):

Munich Half (14/10/18):

Cross Country, Match 1 (13/10/18):

York Marathon:

23/09/2018 Great Bristol Half

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Name  Time of 7024
Jane Fletcher 1:37:33 956

23/09/2018 Macclesfield Half

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Name  Time of 508
Steve Hatton 1:30:14 49
Nick Markley 1:40:58 125
Heather Clarkson 2:03:46 374 (81)

22/09/2018 Parkruns

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Stretford Time of 500
Daniel Taylor 00:35:08 444

16/09/2018 Bury 10k

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Name  Time of 1427
Anthony Gotts 0:25:55 1 (*)
Joe Yang 0:43:07 106
Rachel Kenyon 0:44:16 125 (12)
Daniel Taylor 1:15:25 1275

*Wheelchair race, T54

16/09/2018 EHM Warrington 10k

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Name  Time of 917
Steve Hatton 0:38:52 13
Jordan Millar 0:42:26 28
Daniel Edwards 00:44:03 PB (2.44) 42
Amy Carr 0:44:25 46 (6)

16/09/2018 EHM Warrington Half

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Name  Time of 1500
Mel Johnson 2:06:11 1368 (332)

16/09/2018 Copenhagen Half

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Name  Time of 19702
Jono Guildford 1:25:48 783
John Clark 1:43:41 4501

16/09/2018 Berlin Marathon

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Name  Time of 28424
James Moles 2:48:04 614
Michael Thorley 3:31:53 6406

15/09/2018 Parkruns

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South Manchester Time of 448
Orla Judge 00:44:59 445 (149)
Newcastle Time of 661
Kevin Hickey 0:29:26 440
Stretford Time of 573
Ben Thomas 00:22:56 PB (0.24) 106
Jacqueline Swain 0:33:39 487 (194)
Sale Water Time of 269
David Chambers 0:20:32 15
Claire Naylor 00:24:56 PB (1.13) 77 (13)

13/09/2018 GRL Salford Quays

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Name  Time of 77
Greig Frankland 0:20:43 6

09/09/2018 Great North Run

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Name  Time of 43490
Peter Greatbanks 1:40:00 1825
Rachel Kenyon 1:43:26 2482
Tess Ptonka 01:55:03 (NEW PB) 6183
Daniel Knowles 01:56:08 (NEW PB) 6619
Bernie Grannon 2:20:15 19407

08/09/2018 Parkruns

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South Manchester Time of 358
Orla Judge 00:38:59 345 (125)
Northampton Time of 461
Greig Frankland 0:20:33 69
Haigh Woodland Time of 159
Ben Thomas 00:23:20 (PB 0.22) 20
Stretford Time of 432
Steve Hatton 0:18:44 14
Amy Carr 0:21:44 56 (3)

02/09/2018 Golden Ball 20m

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Name  Time of 107
James Moles 2:10:06 2

02/09/2018 Trafford 10k

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Name  Time of 596
Roberto Raso 0:39:45 214
Greig Frankland 0:42:48 (PB 0.10) 279
Jane Fletcher 0:44:04 300 (47)
Linda Rix 0:46:17 347 (57)
Paula Medley 0:49:03 402 (75)

02/09/2018 Hatters Half

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Name  Time of 332
Lucy Etchells 1:46:42 89 (8)
Joe Carne 1:48:27 113
Paul Crowe 1:51:41 129
Mel Johnson 2:19:50 281 (79)