Start out running C25K

Next C25K session autumn 2018.

Running’s easy right? You put on a pair of trainers and off you go? Well there’s no doubting it’s one of the easier forms of exercise, but lots of people feel daunted by their first run. How far can I go? Will I hurt afterwards? Will anyone laugh at me? What if I’m too slow?

Well, first and foremost, don’t be put off. Running helps increase your general health and weight loss. Many find it a great way of clearing the head too, especially when running outdoors as it helps with improved mental well being.

We offer a formal couch to five km (C25K) course culminating after 8 weeks at the Stretford Parkrun.

Most of our course graduates then join and run with the club, and we have programmes to progress onto greater distances if that’s what you want to do next.

We use an App  to help you throughout the weeks on the course and keep you on track. We’ll also show you how to warm up, general running techniques, how to stretch and cool down, as well as getting you round the beauty of Longford Park.

You can find out more about the global phenomena that is C25K here. For more details visit our Manchester Frontrunners Facebook page and if interested in our next course then please contact Steve at