Tuesday – Track at Sportcity

Tuesday Night – Track Session

When: 6.45pm (meet in reception)
What: Running form and speed work 
Where: Manchester Regional Arena @ Sports City, Rowsley Street, off Ashton New Road, Manchester M11 3FF (website

Entmfr_trackry to the track costs £2.30 with a Manchester Athletics membership card (available to members of network clubs, such as MFR, the card is free and just involves filling in a form at reception). For non-members the cost is £3.60 per session.

Lockers are available for £1 (refundable) and there are showers available too. If you have any further questions about Tuesday nights, please contact Steve via training@manchesterfrontrunners.org

We currently have four CiRFs (Coaching in Running Fitness): Thomas Blackburn, Steve Hatton, James Moles and Nina Barthel, and we endeavour to have at least one of these people at each of our track sessions to lead the session, however sessions are also supported by our numerous LiRFs (Leaders in Running Fitness).

The Tuesday night track sessions are aimed at runners wishing to work on their speed and fitness for racing, and who would like advice on improving their running economy. Sessions consist of:

  • Warm-up
  • Drills focussed on technique and strength
  • Main session on the track
  • Cool Down
  • Stretches/core work

Each session is designed to work on a specific area of running fitness, with the particular focus of each training period dependent upon the goals of the majority of the runners, in the group in terms of racing distance (e.g. 10k up to marathon). This varies according to season.

Sessions may include shorter reps of 200m and 400m at faster paces, up to longer intervals of 1,600m or more at tempo pace. These are designed and co-ordinated by Steve Hatton our Coaching Coordinator.


Please note, parking restrictions are in place at SportCity from the 1st March. If you are driving to the track session be sure to park on the Regional Sports Arena car park through Gate 13 off of Rowsley St.

Spring Sessions 2017

Please find below the session outlines and leaders for the next few weeks:

Session Session Leaders
04/04/2017 12*400m i-pace with 400m recovery jog between laps Thomas Blackburn and Steve Hatton
11/04/2017 12*2 mins i-pace with 1 min recovery jog James Moles and Rachel Kenyon
18/04/2017 12*(400m i-pace, 100m sprint, 300m recovery jog)  Nina Barthel and Andrew Porter
25/04/2017 10* 3 mins i-pace with 90s recovery jog Thomas Blackburn and Sarah Rickard
02/05/2017 8*800m i-pace with 400m recovery jog Jono Guildford and Jane Fletcher
09/05/2017 6*4 minutes t-pace with 2 minutes recovery jog Steve Hatton and Rachel Kenyon
16/05/2017 2 sets of 8*200m, 200m recovery jog with 5 minutes rest between sets James Moles and James Fox
23/05/2017 Pyramid session, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min i-pace with half the time recovery jogs Nina Barthel and Michael Goldie


During our track sessions we work at three different paces: Threshold, Interval and Rep. The table below gives guidance on the time per lap you should be aiming to run at, based upon what your race pace is for a 10k.

Threshold Interval Rep
10k Pace Lap Lap Lap
56:03 2:16 2:05 1:59
54:44 2:13 2:02 1:55
53:29 2:10 1:59 1:53
52:17 2:07 1:56 1:50
51:09 2:05 1:54 1:48
50:03 2:02 1:52 1:46
49:01 2:00 1:50 1:44
48:01 1:57 1:48 1:42
47:04 1:55 1:46 1:40
46:09 1:53 1:44 1:38
45:16 1:51 1:42 1:36
44:25 1:49 1:40 1:34
43:36 1:47 1:38 1:32
42:50 1:45 1:36 1:30
42:04 1:43 1:35 1:29
41:21 1:42 1:33 1:27
40:39 1:40 1:32 1:26
39:59 1:38 1:31 1:25
39:20 1:37 1:30 1:24
38:42 1:35 1:28 1:22
38:06 1:34 1:27 1:21
37:31 1:33 1:26 1:20
36:57 1:31 1:25 1:19
36:24 1:30 1:23 1:17
35:52 1:28 1:21 1:15

If you are running at least 2 or 3 times a week and want to improve your times in races, our track sessions will be of benefit to you.

Tuesday Night Testimonials 

Sarah: Doing a regular track session on a Tuesday has really helped me develop strength and speed in my running. I prefer longer distances such as half marathons and a weekly speed session has ensured I don’t fade and die in the second half of races. In addition I have also improved my running form through drills at track and therefore run more efficiently. Track changed my (running) life!


Angelo: I joined MFR to initially motivate me to run a little more and to make new friends. Over time I started to take running more seriously, so decided to take the plunge and go to my first track session. What a revelation! While I was by no means one of the fastest there, I learned a lot about running technique and also good warm-up / cool-down exercises which help avoid injury.

We typically start with a few laps warm-up followed by some drills which help us focus on technique like posture and good habits. Then after some lunges we start on the actual session, it varies depending on what the focus happens to be. So it could be reps of 1200m, or 400m or anything in-between. Once the session is over we cool-down and head inside for some core exercises. These again were useful to learn and it’s good to do them in your own time during the week, they really help.

One of the unexpected benefits I found was track helped me measure distance better, this has been really useful in races when I think “ah that’s to laps of track” so can push myself to sprint when needed! Sure, trying something new can make people nervous (I was!) however I quickly came to enjoy track as the sessions were bringing results and I was breaking PBs on a regular basis as my fitness and technique improved. There is definitely something for everyone to learn at track. Track isn’t easy – if it is then you’re probably doing it wrong! You’ll discover what ‘track legs’ are, but it’s worth it for the improvements you will see.