Tuesday – Track sessions

Tuesday Night – Track Session

When:  18:45 start, meet at the Track.
What: Running form, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, flexibility and interval training 
Where : Manchester Regional Arena,  Gate 13, Etihad Campus, Rowsley St, Manchester M11 3FF

Tuesday Track sessions are suitable for anyone that can run 5km and the main objective is to improve your speed and increase fitness through interval training. You will also learn drills to improve your running form, do core work to increase strength and help prevent injuries plus learn various stretches to increase flexibility and cool down after running. Even if your aim isn’t to race or get faster its a great workout and a chance to socialise with other Frontrunners!

Entmfr_trackry to the track costs £3.80, sign up and pay using the Better UK app for the 19:00 block – Lane 1 and 2 Middle Distance, and also confirm your attendance on the weekly Spond invite. (https://www.better.org.uk/news/download-the-better-uk-app)

If you have any further questions about Tuesday nights, please contact our Coaching Officer via training@manchesterfrontrunners.org

The sessions will be run by our CiRFs (Coaches in Running Fitness) and LiRFs (Leaders in Running Fitness).

A typical Tuesday Track session consists of:

  • Warm-up jog
  • Drills to improve running form and dynamic stretches to prepare the body for faster running
  • Interval session on the track (normally 2 sessions available – shorter, faster reps improving your Vo2max, great for 5/10k training OR longer, slower reps at lactate threshold pace, perfect for half marathon/marathon training. Occasionally the session benefits all distances so just one will be offered and we often have short sprints or a fun relay to finish with!
  • Core work to increase strength and help prevent injuries
  • Stretches to cool down and improve flexibility

2022 sessions

Below are the session outlines and leaders for the next few weeks. Notice there are interval options which have been progressively designed for members training for our  upcoming club races.

Please note that any session can be modified for your needs if you’re a newer runner or returning from injury – please speak to the session leader beforehand if you feel the session is a little advanced and we can arrange something 🙂

(Recoveries in brackets – either jog/walk recovery or standing/static rest)

Date Leaders Half/Marathon Session 5/10k Session
21/06/22 Jacqui B Pacing session around the Etihad Pacing session around the Etihad
28/06/22 Rachel K + Jono G 6 x 800m@ I pace (400m jog recovery) 6 x 4mins @ I pace (2 mins jog recovery)
05/07/22 Martin D + Joe J 3 x 6mins@ Tpace (2mins jog) then 4 x 400m@Rpace (400m jog) 1/2/3/4/3/2/1 mins @ I pace (2min jog recovery)
(start of marathon training block)
Sarah R + Chris B 3 x 10mins @ T pace
(2 min jog recovery)
3 sets of 3 x 300m @ R pace (100m walk recovery)
5 mins rest in between sets
19/07/22 Steve H + Carl L  4 x 8mins @ T pace
(2 min jog recovery)
 5 x 4mins@ Ipace (2mins recovery) then 3x300m@ Rpace (100m walk recovery)
26/07/22 Nick M + Claire N  4 x 1600m @ T pace
(400m jog recovery)
6 x 800m @ Ipace
(400m jog)

During our track sessions we work at three different paces: Threshold (T – approx 10km race pace), Interval (I – approx 5km race pace) and Rep (R – approx 1mile race pace). See table below for precise lap target times.

The table below gives guidance on the time per lap you should be aiming for based upon your most recent 10km race time.

Threshold Interval Rep
10k Pace Lap Lap Lap
56:03 2:16 2:05 1:59
54:44 2:13 2:02 1:55
53:29 2:10 1:59 1:53
52:17 2:07 1:56 1:50
51:09 2:05 1:54 1:48
50:03 2:02 1:52 1:46
49:01 2:00 1:50 1:44
48:01 1:57 1:48 1:42
47:04 1:55 1:46 1:40
46:09 1:53 1:44 1:38
45:16 1:51 1:42 1:36
44:25 1:49 1:40 1:34
43:36 1:47 1:38 1:32
42:50 1:45 1:36 1:30
42:04 1:43 1:35 1:29
41:21 1:42 1:33 1:27
40:39 1:40 1:32 1:26
39:59 1:38 1:31 1:25
39:20 1:37 1:30 1:24
38:42 1:35 1:28 1:22
38:06 1:34 1:27 1:21
37:31 1:33 1:26 1:20
36:57 1:31 1:25 1:19
36:24 1:30 1:23 1:17
35:52 1:28 1:21 1:15

Tuesday Night Testimonials 

Sarah: Doing a regular track session on a Tuesday has really helped me develop strength and speed in my running. I prefer longer distances such as half marathons and a weekly speed session has ensured I don’t fade and die in the second half of races. In addition I have also improved my running form through drills at track and therefore run more efficiently. Track changed my (running) life!

Angelo: I joined MFR to initially motivate me to run a little more and to make new friends. Over time I started to take running more seriously, so decided to take the plunge and go to my first track session. What a revelation! While I was by no means one of the fastest there, I learned a lot about running technique and also good warm-up / cool-down exercises which help avoid injury.

We typically start with a few laps warm-up followed by some drills which help us focus on technique like posture and good habits. Then after some lunges we start on the actual session, it varies depending on what the focus happens to be. So it could be reps of 1200m, or 400m or anything in-between. Once the session is over we cool-down and head inside for some core exercises. These again were useful to learn and it’s good to do them in your own time during the week, they really help.

One of the unexpected benefits I found was track helped me measure distance better, this has been really useful in races when I think “ah that’s to laps of track” so can push myself to sprint when needed! Sure, trying something new can make people nervous (I was!) however I quickly came to enjoy track as the sessions were bringing results and I was breaking PBs on a regular basis as my fitness and technique improved. There is definitely something for everyone to learn at track. Track isn’t easy – if it is then you’re probably doing it wrong! You’ll discover what ‘track legs’ are, but it’s worth it for the improvements you will see.